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LLC Free Zone Company PLC LLP Branch Office Rep Office
Local Name Pvt Ltd EPZ company Jsc Limited Liability Company Branch Representative Office
Company Setup Time 25 Days 30 days 30 days 30 days 40 days 40 days
Bank Account Opening 20 days 20 days 20 days 20 days 20 days 20 days
Government Grants Available Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Government Contracts Bidding Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Limited Liability Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Client Required to Travel No No No No No No
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Corporate Structure Explained

Pakistan Limited Liability Company (Pvt Ltd)

  • A Pakistan LLC is also known as a private limited company and can be registered with two directors and two shareholders with a minimum capital of US$ 1,000. Both the directors and shareholders can be non-residents. However, they must obtain from the local tax authorities a tax number.
  • If an entity has a share capital of more than US$ 5,000 the local administration requires a resident legal adviser.
  • Due to its low capital and simplicity, this legal structure is the most widely used by foreigners and locals.

Pakistan Free Zone Company (EPZ company)

  • Foreigners who plan to manufacture products and re-export them to foreign markets in Pakistan can register their business in an export processing zone.
  • The registration requirements of a standard limited liability company also apply to a SEZ company, including the requirement for all directors and shareholders to secure tax numbers.

Pakistan Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • Limited liability partnerships require at least two limited partners to be appointed, one of whom must be a Pakistani national.
  • There is no capital requirement, but a Pakistani national must have at least 51% of the equity.
  • LLPs are not tax-transparent entities earnings are taxed at the corporate level,

Pakistan Public Limited Company (joint stock company or JSC)

  • A JSC requires between 3 to 50 shareholders. A joint-stock company can perform a public subscription and the shareholders can freely trade their shares.

Pakistan Branch Office

  • A branch office can be established in the country, provided the parent company has an ongoing local contract with the company or the government.
  • This type of legal entity is allowed to carry out commercial business activities.

Pakistani Representative Office (Liaison office)

  • These entities can engage in research and promotional activities. They are not allowed to indulge in direct sales contracts and invoice clients in Pakistan.

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