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Prepare for an interview

We are looking for the best minds to be part of our consulting team. From individuals with successful consulting or business experience to those who have graduated or are still completing their education. The resume you provide, how you organize and structure your thoughts is important.

Interview Facts

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Complex problem solving

We search for people who have the capacity to deal with complex problems and think in a creative way to find pragmatic solutions for our customers.

Quantifiable difference

We want to know your initiative level in making a quantifiable difference to the success of a project, organization or team.

Creating change

We want people who are committed to create change in their work and throughout the world.

What Makes Us Different

Our interviews are meant to promote productive and intellectual discussions. The number and type of interviews depends on the office you apply for.

Interviews help us get to know you as an individual and a potential contributor, and it allows you to find out more about WashingtonRise our staff and what your role in the firm might be.

Problem Solving Interview

You will be asked to write a recommendation based on the challenge outlined in the interview. Before you meet your interviewer, you will receive the facts, key questions concerning the case and some time to get ready.

Your job is to examine the situation of your client, make a detailed, persuasive recommendation that takes into account the trade-offs of every possible choice and action, and then get involved in a rich discussion with your interviewer to determine the best way to achieve results for your client.

You’ll receive 20–30 PowerPoint slides describing the situation of a client. You’ll have 50 minutes to analyze the slides, identify important key Insights and handwrite a recommendation before the start of the interview.

You’ll then have about 40 minutes to present your recommendation and discuss it with your interviewer, who may challenge your interpretation or assumptions of the facts in order to see how you can deal with a real client situation

Experience Interview

In order to better understand your background, career goals and interests, your interviewer can begin by asking traditional résumé questions.

Some interviewers may perform a mini-case based on your academic or professional experiences. The mini-case involves describing a strategic project you’ve been working on and developing a recommendation and hypothesis on the approach you and your team took, as well as the implementation steps for the recommendation.

Behavioral questions can be asked to help us assess your team skills and your interest in WashingtonRise. Behavioral questions can relate to describing past experiences and how you handled them, possibly in a consultant’s capacity context. We encourage you to be open and specific in order to give interviewers the chance to learn more about you.

Getting Ready For Your Interviews

The interview process is not as intimidating as you might have thought. The interview process is not as intimidating as you might have thought and is a great opportunity to make a personal connection. We invite you to ask questions, get to know the interviewer, and be yourself above all.