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Corporate Structure Explained

Mauritius Global Business License type 1 company (GBL company)

  • A GBL company can be established in Mauritius with at least USD1 of share capital, one shareholder, and two directors. Both directors must be local residents. The Financial Services Commission usually ask for proofs regarding the management of the company being managed from Mauritius.
  • Like the Seychelles CSL, after obtaining permission from the Mauritius FSP, the Mauritius GBL may be involved in selling and buying activities with the local market. It may only provide financial and insurance services if it is licensed by local authorities.
  • The GBL is treated as a resident establishment that makes it liable to pay tax on its worldwide income in Mauritius. The government allows a lower tax of 3% for GBL companies compared to 15% applied to other companies. Such a business setup may enable the business not to pay corporate tax in other jurisdictions and benefit from tax exemption from dividends and interests received from one of the 44 nations who have signed an agreement with Mauritius related to double tax avoidance.
  • A GBL company is one of the most popular options to conduct business activities or services requiring a license. Few of the examples are financial services, insurance or re-insurance.

The Mauritius Limited Liability Partnership (Mauritius LLP)

  • International investors may incorporate a limited liability partnership with 2 partners in Mauritius, both of them can be limited partners and non-residents, at least a minimum capital of US$ 1 per partner and a manager residing in Mauritius.
  • After completion of the incorporation process, it is compulsory for the organization to obtain GB license otherwise the partners will be subjected to income tax on the earnings / profit shares received from the Mauritius partnership.
  • The LLPs in Mauritius are only allowed to offer consultation and advisory and/or legal services. The organization must receive permits for senior authorities in the case of legal services.
  • The LLP in Mauritius is one of the best options for providing legal and consultation services by international partners who live in different countries.

Mauritius Authorized Company

  • The minimum requirement for setting up a Mauritius authorized company is at least a share capital of US$ 1, one shareholder, and one director, who shall not necessarily be a local resident.
  • Setting up a Mauritius authorized company requires, a local registered agent who is responsible to maintain the company records.
  • This entity is regarded for tax purposes as a resident company and is not responsible to pay business tax on the company’s net revenues.
  • Authorized companies must conduct business outside Mauritius and have their management outside Mauritius.
  • This Company is preferably used for conducting international trade or as a holding company.

Mauritius limited liability company (proprietary company)

  • This company has a minimum requirement of 1 shareholder at the time of registration, who can be a local or international resident. A Mauritius LLC is subject to corporate tax at a rate of 15% and requires filing annual financial statements.
  • International clients interested in investing in the tourism industry can not own more than 49 percent of hotels with less than 100 rooms. To open a restaurant, an initial investment of at least US$ 300,000 is needed.
  • This business is preferably used for setting up a local business in Mauritius, hiring local employees and trading with the local market. For other uses, the GBL is the recommended choice.

The Mauritius free zone company (export processing zone company)

  • International clients interested in setting up a repackaging or production center for the re-export of products outside the country may incorporate in Mauritius Free Port, which includes duty-free as well as value-added tax exemption on all types of products imported into the port, and no tax payable on business income.
  • For eligibility the entity must have exports to foreign markets of 95% of its goods and 80% to African markets. The other 5% can be sold to Mauritius ‘ local market to be subject to VAT and local business income tax.
  • Incorporating an entity in the free port of Mauritius is attractive for entities intending to conduct business operations with Eastern African clients through a stable and well-regulated jurisdiction.

The Mauritius branch

  • Business laws in Mauritius allow international entities to open branches if the entity has one local resident representative and a registered office in the country. The scope of the branch must be designated by the holding company and is subject to licensing requirements.
  • The branch is subject to 15 percent business tax and is required to submit annual financial statements.
  • Incorporating branch is great option to establish a local presence to conduct business with local Mauritius residents.

Mauritius representative office

  • International entities may incorporate a local office to conduct market research and promotional activities. This entity will be subject to the default requirements applicable to a branch.

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