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Derech Menachem Begin 121, 32nd Floor
Tel Aviv,

WashingtonRise Telaviv brings the best talent to Israel’s leading businesses and public agencies and the best Telaviv has to offer to the world. Our team has experience working with key companies in the region. We help develop leadership and talent, strengthen financial sustainability, and boost operational efficiency.

In addition, we are experienced in helping our clients compete and win both domestically and internationally, shape growth strategies, reconfigure operations, and leverage technology. Our diverse, entrepreneurial teams embrace the shared goal of creating a lasting impact on both businesses and society overall.


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A career at WashingtonRise Tealaviv is the chance to work with outstanding people, contribute for the development of important companies and institutions in Israel and across the world while growing in a sustainable way.

We recruit outstanding people from a great variety of backgrounds who are enthusiastic about making a difference.


Telaviv Office

Derech Menachem Begin 121, 32nd Floor Tel Aviv,

Business Contact

Irin Hayden

Phone: +972 3372 1212 extension 586278


Telaviv Recruiting

Phone: +972 3372 1212 extension 268822

Advanced Degree Recruiting

Becky Frenkel

Phone: +972 3372 1212 extension 595003

Non-Consulting Positions

Rakel Kaminsky

Phone: +972 3372 1212 extension 694804

Event Inquiries

Telaviv Events

Phone: +972 3372 1212 extension 825857

Media/Public Relations

Michael Bush

Phone: +972 3372 1212 extension 866196