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Customer-Oriented Digital Strategies for B2B

There is an increasing number of business to business companies emphasizing on digitization to be competitive with customer-oriented strategies. Customer-focused strategies have been prevalent mainly in the business-to-consumer (B2C) sector, […]

The Power of Digital in Chemicals

Digital opportunities in the chemical industry are substantial, but what are those opportunities and how can business leaders capitalize on them? In the current environment, there has been a great […]

Capitalizing Strategic Sourcing

The overall cost of creating, generating and marketing a product relies on a number of variables. The larger part of this cost is based on the procurement of materials and […]

Large-Scale Lean Construction

The construction industry remained largely unaffected by the productivity revolution that led to a massive transformation in manufacturing. Where the manufacturing sector is progressing, the construction industry is not moving […]

Inertial Acceleration for Senior Executives

In the current difficult and fluctuating atmosphere, it is important for CEOs to enable their senior management to cope with distress and renunciation, as well as to adapt to new […]

Redefining African Agribusiness

African agriculture has proven to be a fundamental changing point, paving the way for the much anticipated “green revolution”. Most countries within the African continent are embracing market-responsive practices and […]

Mega Projects Optimization

Many industries and sectors can efficaciously complete major projects through the employment of a modular methodology and oil and gas sector should follow the same path. Oil and gas sector […]

A Stronger Public Sector with Lean Methodologies

Lean principles and Six Sigma efforts can enable public sector organizations to improve their performance and efficiency, but for results to last, they need to focus on ‘soft’ aspects of […]

Roadmap for Industry 4.0 in Pharmaceuticals

The process of quality control can be improved – in terms of time and quality, through new emerging technologies. What types of measures can pharma corporations take to become leaders […]

Harnessing Complex Interactions in Organizations

The importance of intricate interactions in the business landscape is increasing and its effective capitalization can create sustainable competitive advantages for companies. Sustainable competitive benefits can make a real difference […]

The Emerging Circular Economy

A reformative economic framework, a circular economy, is commencing to aid organizations in generating increased value but decreasing the need of limited resources. Envisage that the manufacturing economy is a […]

Customer Experience: New Digital Operating Models

Competition has evolved to a new level in every industry on account of digital process and operation. In order to capitalize the emerging opportunities, companies must adopt a new operating […]

Maximizing Innovation in a Manufacturing Environment

In order to develop a manufacturing system, it is essential to plan and manage innovative and technical knowledge. Simply identifying the target product, location of the production unit and developing […]

The Importance of Organizational Agility

Competition between companies tends to work in favor of customers and clients. To help in a healthy competition, companies adopt either of the three types of agility: strategic, portfolio, or […]

Building a Great Corporation

In the current corporate environment managing immediate targets with continuing goals is a trying task for executives, but it is an essential one. There is an increasing trend in the […]

The Art of Dynamic Management

No company can say what the future will bring, but it can definitely transform itself in a way that it will be equipped to deal with changing circumstances. There is […]

Supply Chain Innovation

In order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to abandon the currently used colossal framework and adopted a splintered supply chain using simplicity and industrial model to reduce […]