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Roadmap for Industry 4.0 in Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical quality control labs must implement Industry 4.0 technological advancements through digitization and automation to gain value in the future.
Harnessing Complex Interactions in Organizations
Organizations can gain sustainable competitive advantages by facilitating and supporting their most valuable talent capable of performing highly complex interactions.
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The Emerging Circular Economy
The circular economy is an emerging industrial model that can potentially reduce production, energy and labor costs on the assumption that product components can be recycled, reused, refurbished and resold.
Customer Experience: New Digital Operating Models
The changing, technologically-oriented business environment and shifting customer preferences and expectations offer companies the opportunity to continuously develop and improve their digital customer experience.
Maximizing Innovation in a Manufacturing Environment
The sharing of knowledge and innovation in a manufacturing network is essential for organizational survival and growth in the era of globalization.
The Importance of Organizational Agility
Organizational agility is key to survival in the modern competitive market.
Building a Great Corporation
Organizations can achieve value for their businesses by incorporating the concept of health and performance in their organizational structure.
The Art of Dynamic Management
Dynamic management – the key to driving through the challenges of the modern economy and coming out more successful than ever